Unions are They Helping or Hurting their Members?

Here in this blog we will discuss the pros and cons of the many faces of Unions and what makes them work. My family had some struggles as I grew up and I know my dad worried about keeping things together when the unions decided to go on strike. Let me tell you about what unions are made up of: Hard working people. People who just want to have a small piece of the American pie. A family with a home. They want a good working standard with pay that keeps them together. Unions have a structure that at times really strangle the common worker. I feel that my Dad was one of those people. He gave his life to this job. Back when working for a company was an honor and they appreciated you. You gave them all you could give them also. This has been watered down a bit since the end all becomes the all mighty dollar. Unions back in the day and I am speaking of 20’s and 30’s when the working conditions were horrible. Think about this children at 6 and 7 years of age were working at factories because it was cheap labor and the families needed the money. Mothers and fathers were working their fingers to the bones and still it was never enough to get an extra any thing. That is why when the children were old enough they were sent by there parent to go and work and make a wage it was not a luxury to stay home and play this was necessary. Moms and dads did not every question what was right or good for the company.  In these times the company ruled over these people with an iron hand. At some point it came about that  people felt that the company abused their power and demanded a way to make the playing field more even. Out of discontent came unions. They got the children out of the factories made wages more expectable and conditions for working were upgraded. To this day that is the bases but lets look at it today We now have child protective laws-protecting kids from being abused and used. As adults we know now to say no. Unions today have contracts and head bosses. These people are to keep your and mine welfare in the for front but do they?? I have seen time when the contract is about to be renewed that both the union heads and the owners but head and disagree. An sometimes the contract will come to an end and than the members have to go on strike and stand outside holding signs etc. stating how bad the company is. Don’t get me wrong their are times that on both sides of the table they are both so stubborn and bull headed that nothing gets done. The members depend on their paychecks and at times these boycotts cause families to go hungry and lose their homes. Not one of those people that are being bull headed at the tables ever go hungry or have lost there homes. The low man of the totem pole, the main work force of those factories have. You wonder why it is discontent inside of these unions because thy keep a strangle hold on the employees. First when you go to work at these places that have unions-You must join and pay dues are you asked no if you want the job? The next is they say they keep you employed and that is not possible because when a contract is up for renewal you have no say except to go along with the majority because it is voted. Most of these people have been there for a while and have savings and maybe you don’t? It is difficult to say that they are really doing any good anymore. Trains and factories still have unions. Other companies are looking into having unions but they have a lot of red tape to get in. Good again  or for company or employee? We can begin with this and work on expanding to always have more to talk about. I would like to hit upon some particular unions. If you belong to one or a family member please help me to get together and talk about it-Thank you

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